Through Mariana...

a Utah photographer with a heart full of wanderlust and a camera in hand. Through my lens, I aim to create top notch photos of your life's journey, filled with authenticity, emotion, and the beauty of the fleeting moments.

I've always liked to admire and observe the details of all things and I've always asked myself the reason for everything, and in this way I came to the conclusion that life is beautiful in itself.

Discover three distinctive qualities that set me apart from the rest! Explore them now!

01. Attention to Detail

My primary focus is to capture individuals in the most unique and simple way possible. I strive to encapsulate the richness of our true selves in every photograph. Drawing inspiration from my upbringing and the belief that life is inherently beautiful, I approach each session with the goal of creating "Spectacular People" portraits. I am dedicated to translating the essence of each moment into timeless images.

I create a comfortable and open environment during sessions. It's about establishing a collaborative space where the magic of genuine interactions transforms into photographs that not only freeze moments in time but also encapsulate the spirit and emotions of the people involved.  

02. Very Personable

My love for finding beauty in the simplest moments is what fuels my passion for photography. My camera is finely tuned to capturing the beauty that is around us. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about recognizing that each person, each moment, has its own special story waiting to be shared. 

03. Appreciating the beauty

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The gallery is just soooo... intimate and beautiful!!! Wow!!! Thank you so much Mariana!!!!


Love these so very much Mariana Sa A Thank you for capturing these precious moments
.. You are the Best!!


Thank you for capturing such special moments between me and my son. You always make us feel so comfortable.
Photography is an art for eternity. I get emotional every time I look at the photos. Thank you again. An excellent professional and a wonderful person... You are the Best!!


We are SO happy with these pictures. You really went above and beyond and we're thrilled with the results. Thank you so much